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Crystalline Moments

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Excerpt from Book:http://bit.ly/CM-MyStory

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Find answers to these following questions:

How do I recognize my own Crystalline Moments?
How do I move beyond the loss of a child or other loved one?
How do I go from being a victim of abuse to an achiever?
How do I use fear to find my lifes purpose?
How can I help someone gifted grow into that gift?
How do I change career loss to career advance?
How do I move forward after addiction or suicide?
How do I go from a life by default to a life by design?

Excerpt from Book:http://bit.ly/CM-MyStory


Coni has written an inspiring and motivational book that will encourage you to identify and take advantage of your own Crystalline Moments. Here youll find first-hand accounts of how people turned challenges and opportunities into triumphs and the lessons we can apply to our own lives.

Edward Segal, Author of Getting Your 15 Minutes of Fame and Profit by Publicity

Coni Meyers has been an expert and authority in the personal success industry for many years. Her latest book Crystalline Moments reveals the truth about all of us. We each have key moments in life of accomplishment, love, and contentmentIts how we approach, apply, and take action after having those moments that manifest a better life. Coni has captured thought and action and blended powerful stories of other elite and successful people to illustrate a road map to success.

Dirk Zeller Author,10 Time Best SellerCEO, Real Estate Champions, Inc.

As I've ventured through my life, it has always amazed me how talented, successful people have ventured through theirs. Ive known Coni for so many years and yet never realized the life changing event that was going to move her to pen this book. I found myself with a new respect for a friend and fellow colleague. Write on, Coni and Read on folks! Gratitude is a beautiful thing.

Gail Hartnett, REALTOR,2006 National President Womens Council of Realtors

Coni has done a wonderful job identifying and describing Crystalline Moments in her collection of personal stories. We have all experienced these moments or turning points in our lives at one time or another, and the collective sharing of these stories reinforces the knowingness we all desire to see, feel and know a power greater than ourselves!

Sherri Souza REALTOR Broker In Trust WCR National Recording Secretary, 2015 CA WCR State President, 2011

Coni's book captures and connects us all to the fragility of life experiences with people from all walks of life. Their stories share how a single moment in time changed the trajectory of their lives and how they were able to harness the power of their thinking tragic or triumphant to grow and prosper. This book will help you connect to your own moments of power to discover your Crystalline Moments through authentic examples of power, grace and peace.

Terri Murphy Speaker, Best Selling Author, Trainer Producer of ISucceed.com, Executive Director of Women's Wisdom Network

There are times in your life when you reach a crossroad. You can choose the path that honors your spirit and passion. Even through the most difficult of times, when you have lost all faith and hope, you have a choice. Crystalline Moments are those times of clarity and purpose when you finally realize or wake up to your true passion in life. When you choose to pursue that path, believe and trust in yourself, ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE.

Coni's Crystalline Moment came at the passing of her beloved husband. I have watched Coni emerge a stronger, beautiful, radiant person. She has the ability to see the potential in others and help them define their Crystalline Moments. I am so excited that she has written this book and is able to share her skills with others. I believe she will be a guide for many people to discover their very own Crystalline Moments. I highly recommend Crystalline Moments.

Dawn Lane CEO /President Hope Home Foundation

While reading this book, I recognized my own AHA moments that put me on the track to where I am today-a path I would have never imagined. The stories display how important it is to be open to lifes experiences and allow them to point us in the right direction. Like everyone, I have experienced my own pain and loss- many difficult times I thought I would never get through. Yet looking back, I realized that these experiences always led to new passions once I learned to accept what the universe was presenting.

DEBORAH FALCONE Real Estate | Vertical Markets Real Estate Director, The Wall Street Journal

It has been a privilege to cheer Coni on as she explores and defines her new life and helps others do the same. She is an truly old soul with the ability to both guide and lead others in their own quest for their best path. When I met Coni, she was dealing with some of lifes toughest challenges , with grace and dignity. Coni always took the time to be a good friend, even while she coped with the many hard blows that led to the loss of her amazing husband. Even at that time, in her darkest hours, I saw life beckoning with a new road for Coni. The stories in the book both resonate and give true inspiration. If you are in need of inspiration, comfort or insight, you have come to the right place.

Janet Choynowski CEO Immobel Group

Excerpt from Book:http://bit.ly/CM-MyStory