"Turn Your Dreams Into Destiny"

Meet Coni

Coni has spent 35 years supporting 1000's of individuals and businesses in their sales and marketing efforts as VP of Marketing, mentor and coach. Coni has been a principal in 6 companies. Her knowledge and expertise was instrumental in helping 2 companies go from local markets to the national stage. Four of the businesses she solely owned were consulting businesses.This make Coni highly qualified to assist you in your personal and professional life.

In 2012 she decided to broaden her skills and received her credentials as a life coach. She has 3 different designations including the prestigious advanced Life Mastery Consultant Certification and the John Maxwell Business and Leadership Coach Certification. She continues to educate herself attending training in all aspects of life, business and leadership so she can bring her best to her clients and teaching. She is highly sought after for coaching and speaking receiving rave reviews from everyone she comes into contact with. She talks about what an incredible honor it is to help others change their lives, both personally and professionally, and to create a life or business of their dreams by design rather than default. Her speaking, books, training and coaching are serving people around the world.

In 2015, her book "Crystalline Moments"made it to the bestseller's list only 10 spots behind #1 Tony Robbins and is helping people all around the world. In 2016, she was a co author of "The Success Chronicles"which made it to bestseller's status and is being used by business people around the world to create the success in their lives. She is working on 3 additional "Crystalline Moments" books to be published late 2016 and early 2017.

In October, 2010 Coni's life changed forever! That was when she found out that her husband was gravely ill. He ultimately passed in March, 2011. Prior to his illness and death her life philosophy was "work, work, work, work...play". When he passed she found that she could not go back to that old life and ultimately she not only lost her husband but her dream home, the company she had been a principal in for 14 years, the job she loved, 90% of her possessions and even her car. She calls all of these events major crystalline moments with incredible opportunities!

She talks about how it took Tom passing for her to discover what her life's purpose was. It changed everything about her life. It was the GREATEST GIFT she could have ever received. She feels that her husband has helped her discover the life of her dreams...that he is guiding her continuously in this new life.

Her new philosophy of "have fun, give back, make money" is the perfect philosophy for her life today and for those she is helping.

She now recognizes that everything that has happened to her including events when she was 10 years old were the preparation for her life today. All of these events, or "Crystalline Moments", created opportunity that she ignored until now.

Here is a quote from the Foreword of the Crystalline Moments:

"Crystalline moments often meld pain and suffering with joy and happiness. For example, there can be beauty and joy coupled with death. It doesn't mean that you don't experience the pain of the loss; instead, you experience an enlightening where the transformative process begins and the pain begins to fade away.

Crystalline Moments is a collection of life-altering stories that span the range of human experience from childhood to death. Like life's crystalline moments, these stories will bring you joy, make you cry, and may even make you angry. Most importantly, however, as you encounter these alchemical events on your personal journey, Crystalline Moments is your handbook for living a happier and more fulfilling life." Bernice Ross, Syndicated Columnist, Speaker, Author, Coach

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