"Turn Your Dreams Into Destiny"


  • Topics for Speaking, Workshops, Retreats
    Coni has spoken around the country to large and small audiences. She can customize any topic to the audience. From corporate events to small personal retreats and individual coaching. Coni has a topic or program to help you.
  • Coaching & Classes
    Coni realized why she was put on this earth after her husband passed away. She is passionate about helping others discover that they can live the life they have always dreamed of both personally and professionally. She can speak from experience because she lived her life by conditions and circumstances for over 50 years. Her greatest joy is watching her clients expand and step into the life they love.
  • Crystalline Moments
    Join Coni Meyers in the journey of discovering your own Crystalline Moments. Crystalline is defined by Webster Dictionary as "sparkling or clear". Therefore, Crystalline Moments are moments of clarity. They can be thoughts or events in our lives that are positive or euphoric moments. They are also those devastating times such as the loss of a loved one, abuse, addiction, illness or other losses such as a job. With each moment of clarity comes an opportunity to change course or live our lives in a more expansive way. These opportunities help you create your life by design, not by default and discover a life you love living.
  • The Success Chronicles
    Authors share their obstacles, victories, and offer invaluable information that can help you grow, challenge yourself and look at your business in a new light. I encourage you to learn from their stories and the lessons they have learned along the way to becoming successful entrepreneurs and professionals.