"Turn Your Dreams Into Destiny"

Coni's Raving Fans

Coni Meyers, educator, coach, and author, has over 30 years of experience working to improve the quality of both online and face-to-face continuing education and professional development for the real estate industry. During her tenure as Marketing Vice President at Online Ed, the company served over 600 companies, associations, community colleges, and real estate schools. Her upcoming book, Crystalline Moments Discover Your Opportunities and Create Your Best Self helps readers recognize and capitalize on pivotal, life-changing turning points. Coni is a tremendous resource for any organization that wants to increase their professionalism, the quality of their offerings, as well as their profitability and effectiveness.

Bernice Ross, PH.D.
Syndicated Columnist, Author, Trainer, CEO of RealEstateCoach.com

"The small group format of 8 of us was very beneficial, as we were able to draw upon one another, in addition to Coni, to put it all into perspective. Thank you, Coni, for your outstanding leadership!

Janice T.

I met Coni Meyers at some of my first Womens Council of Realtors California State events where she always appeared with a lovely smile and affordable accessories to tempt us. She has more recently been dedicated to coaching for life and/or business.

I was fortunate to have my name drawn for a free book and consultation at our January WCR meeting. I read the book on the way back from National Conference and signed up for a coaching series at the end of my free consultation.

I am about in the middle of my series and look forward to our weekly meetings. Conis program is helping me overcome the restrictions of old paradigms that keep me in my comfort zone and is nurturing me to develop to my fullest potential. I am excited about the new vision I am able to create for both my personal life and my leadership role with Womens Council of Realtors Sacramento.

Carol A.

I attended one of Coni's business workshops and was impressed with the information I received. The exercises we did helped us to design our business. The leadership skills training helped us stepped into the vision for our business and create avatars that will attract the right clients and people we want to work with.

Mike S.

I have been struggling with income generation for quite some time. I mentioned this to Coni and she suggested one of her coaching programs. It has not been easy but definitely worthwhile, I don't think that I would have the clarity that I do now regarding where I am going with my future if had not been for Coni. I highly recommend to anyone seeking clarity in their life or to reach out to Coni and her programs."

Sherrie M.

"I found myself at a major road block in my life. I started a new career late in life and took the first offer of employment that presented great possibilities, but they quickly ceased to exist. As hard as I tried to make the situation work, to make it a good fit, I just could not figure out how. During this very difficult time my path crossed Coni's...she listened completely, considered my situation, and brought forth that "ah ha" moment. When I quit trying to force the "fit" and became open to all the possibilities the universe had to offer a better job offer came to me. Thank you, Coni for helping me let go of what was in order to be open to better opportunities!"

Diane B.

I started with Coni's DreamBuilder workshop on the suggestion of a holistic doctor. I was depressed because I didn't know what I was doing with my life! Now my mother- in- law and I are on week 10 of the life coaching program. I really couldn't be more excited about where my life path is heading! Coni is wonderful as our life coach. I look forward to our meetings every week. They're so much fun and Coni is just an absolute joy to be around. She really knows her stuff!"

Katy S.

As a life coach Coni is taking me out of my comfort zone each week. Her weekly listening assignments and then asking evocative questions has helped me to discover what the life I want to live looks like and bridge the gap from where I am to my dream life."

Michelle H.

I find working with Coni to be a joy. I look forward to our weekly coaching sessions. Im a planner by nature, which is why I am puzzled that I would not have looked for this sooner. With her help I have been able to visualize and then work through the steps to achieve my dream. The steps we have worked through have made it clear where my passion can not only be a dream but a reality! I am looking forward to continuing to grow my dreams and stay on the right track working with Coni.

Laura M.

Working with you has changed my whole life and the way I live it. Before, I only dreamed of opening my own animal sanctuary as well as being a nurse while providing for my family. You helped me see I can have all of that and more as well as be happy. You are helping me realize that they don't have to be dreams forever; they can and will be my reality. Without you and your help, I would still be stuck day dreaming.

Britt B.

Before taking Coni Meyer's 3 day workshop, I had known that I needed to spend some time defining my life's purpose and defining my goals. I had made many attempts on my own to do just that. However, until I really took the time away from my busy life and schedule, it wasn't really happening. With Coni's insightful and sincere guidance, I was able to finally verbalize all this for myself."

Debbie M.