"Turn Your Dreams Into Destiny"

The Success Chronicles

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Find the answers to these questions in this book:

What does the life you would love look like?

What crystalline moments have you had?

How do you take advantage of the opportunities in those moments?

What have you done in your life that really made you happy?

What can you do to course correct from the failures you have had in your life?

What is keeping you from living your life by design?

The Success Chronicles Vol. 1 has dual purposes

First, to understand the journey, the lessons, hurdles, thought processes, disappointments, triumphs that you go through when building your career and business. Why it is important to learn from other's stories? Although the world is full of people often times when you are building a career or business you feel alone and at ties you feel you are the only one experiencing the obstacles you face. Hearing and reading the stories of women that you can relate to, can empower you to look at your journey differently.

Second, The Success Chronicles is designed to help you craft your career and business in a way that distinguishes you effectively and memorably in your market.

Each of these authors share their obstacles, victories, and offer invaluable information that can help you grow, challenge yourself and look at your situation in a new light.